Breaking the Nuclear Chain is a new campaign to inform, motivate and activate people to prevent the looming humanitarian catastrophe represented by the nuclear chain- from uranium mining, to power, to weapons to nuclear waste, it is an initiative of the  Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), IKV Pax Christi  and Peace Boat.

The modernization of nuclear weapons, the tragedy at Fukushima and the devastation at Jabiluka, among other disasters, are dreadful reminders that have convinced us of the necessity to address the whole nuclear chain. To do this, we will put our emphasis on people and bring together those who have been affected by nuclear weapons, uranium mining, nuclear exports, nuclear power and nuclear waste; as well as those who are working
to disrupt this lacerating chain.
We are collecting testimonies of affected people and by making them available to a broad audience hope to draw a human face on the often abstract debate on nuclear issues. We believe that listening to personal stories can trigger our empathy and make us realize how vulnerable we are to this hazard and how important is to take action to avoid it.
In this community you will find these testimonies, but also facts & figures about all aspects of the nuclear chain, and ways to get involved if you want to become part of the movement to make a difference. Raise your voice with ours and become part of a choir of dissent to break the nuclear chain once and for all.



Global Voyage

From July till October 2013, nine Hibakusha from Hiroshima and Nagasaki will travel around the world once more on the Peace Boat to give testimonies onboard and in twelve ports they will be...

Competition Announcement

Competition Announcement Breaking the Nuclear Chain is sorry to announce that due to different reasons the winner was not able to come to Geneva for the ICAN Meeting and the NPT PrepCom. Due to the...


Making your way to Geneva – Announcement

Making your way to Geneva – Announcement During the last months Breaking the Nuclear Chain has hosted the competition Making your way to Geneva. Participants from different parts of the world...

Breaking the Nuclear Chain campaign has organized two activities for the end of April.

Breaking the Nuclear Chain campaign has organized two activities for the end of April. In the aftermath of the Oslo meeting and conference, the campaign has invited people to take action and to...

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Nuclear energy in all its forms is a threat to humanity. “Breaking the nuclear chain” is a campaign to raise voices against it. Join us and let’s shatter it.


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